How do Connect to a Novell Server Folder from a Mac

Do you have a Mac and need to connect to a Novell server from your Mac?   Here is an easy way to quickly connect to a folder on a Novell or Microsoft server from your Mac. 

Start at the Mac desktop, and then hit the key sequence “Command” and “K” together.   A window will open asking to connect to a server.  Type your server name.

Use SMB to connect to Novell.

If the format SMB does not work above, type in the server name only and hit enter.  The Mac will correct the format for you. Your business may have a mix of both Novell and Microsoft servers. This is an example of a correction:

AFP format for Novell and Microsoft

You will receive a prompt for your Novell credentials.  Depending on how your Novell server is set up, there are two possible formats for your name. 

One format is simply your user name and password.  If this does not work, use the following format for your user name:  username.context 

For instance, if your context is, use that as your login name. 

Just remember:

  1. Command/K
  2. Type your server name.
  3. Hit Enter and your Mac will correct the server format.
  4. Use your credentials “user name” and “password.”
  5. If that format doesn’t work, use “username.context ” and “password.”
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