Product Review: Vemma – A REAL Review from a REAL Person

review of vemmaSeveral months ago my Curves Fitness Center owner introduced me to Vemma.  What is Vemma?  It is a liquid nutritional supplement containing 100% plant-based natural liquid nutrition.  Vemma contains more than 65 major, trace and ultra trace minerals as well as 12 full spectrum vitamins.

Having gastroparesis, I am unable to tolerate vitamins in pill form.  Much to my surprise, I am able to drink a daily serving of Vemma without any stomach issues.  In fact, my gastroparesis (slow digesting, paralyzed stomach) has improved since I started drinking Vemma daily.  The company states that since this nutritional supplement is liquid, it is 98% absorbable as opposed to 20% that is absorbable in pill form.

What does Vemma stand for?  It stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe Vera.  In addition to these items, Vemma also contains green tea.  Oprah’s regular guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, otherwise known as Dr. Oz, states that Vemma is the best multivitamin formula for those under 60.

Does taking Vemma daily really make a difference in your health and energy level?  Let me share my experience.

After taking Vemma for a month, my trainer asked if I noticed a difference in my health or energy.  I had to think about it for a few minutes before answering, “Not really.”  I wasn’t especially energetic, but I wasn’t feeling tired either.  Was I experiencing some kind of life change from drinking Vemma every day?  Not that I could see.

I ran out of Vemma after taking it for three months.  Now is the time to talk about the cost.  One month’s supply of Vemma costs (hold on to your hat) $60!  I find that outrageous.  I wanted to keep taking Vemma, but I didn’t have the money on hand.  My next order of Vemma would have to wait.

Two weeks later I got sick.  It was then that I realized what was normally the sickest time for me, flu season, had actually been a pretty healthy three months.  After years of staying sick during the winter months, I had enjoyed a relatively healthy flu season with enough energy to work out three times a week, work full time and raise three children.

Furthermore, my gastroparesis had improved – certainly helped by the daily aloe found in Vemma.  As soon as I had the money, I ordered more Vemma and have taken it daily ever since.

The Good?

Vemma is packed with all natural vitamins and minerals.  It comes in liquid form, is easy to digest and is 95% absorbable.  Vemma also tastes really good, as opposed to many liquid vitamins on the market today.  When I am on Vemma, I feel healthier and have more energy than when I am out of this product.

The Bad?

THE COST.  Vemma is a very expensive liquid vitamin, at $60 a month plus shipping.  Furthermore, people sell Vemma to make money.  I assume the cost of the bottle is due to the fact that both the seller and the company need to make a profit.  I don’t like having to buy something through a “seller,” raising my cost as a consumer.  Period.

So why am I still taking Vemma daily?  With my stomach problems, I am unable to eat healthy, vitamin-rich foods.  If I don’t supplement my diet, I simply won’t get the nutrition I need.  Since I am unable to take vitamin pills, Vemma’s liquid form is the perfect choice for me.

I also saw first hand how Vemma kept me healthier this winter than I have ever been before.  Vemma is simply packed with nutrition, vitamins and minerals.  And the best part?  My gastroparesis has improved while taking this product.

If I was rich, I would order cases at a time of Vemma and take it throughout my entire lifetime.  No question there.  But as a “regular person” with an average income?  I find Vemma to be far too costly.

If you have the money, I can honestly say you won’t go wrong taking Vemma daily.  But if you are like me, all I can say is this stuff is great, save up when you can and try to have some on hand during the cold and flu season.  It’s good, but far too expensive.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Vemma or any of its sellers.  My review is my own, period.   I have paid for my own Vemma, although I would certainly accept a free bottle if offered!  (Think that will work?)