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review of vemmaSeveral months ago my Curves Fitness Center owner introduced me to Vemma.  What is Vemma?  It is a liquid nutritional supplement containing 100% plant-based natural liquid nutrition.  Vemma contains more than 65 major, trace and ultra trace minerals as well as 12 full spectrum vitamins.

Having gastroparesis, I am unable to tolerate vitamins in pill form.  Much to my surprise, I am able to drink a daily serving of Vemma without any stomach issues.  In fact, my gastroparesis (slow digesting, paralyzed stomach) has improved since I started drinking Vemma daily.  The company states that since this nutritional supplement is liquid, it is 98% absorbable as opposed to 20% that is absorbable in pill form.

What does Vemma stand for?  It stands for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe Vera.  In addition to these items, Vemma also contains green tea.  Oprah’s regular guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, otherwise known as Dr. Oz, states that Vemma is the best multivitamin formula for those under 60.

Does taking Vemma daily really make a difference in your health and energy level?  Let me share my experience.

After taking Vemma for a month, my trainer asked if I noticed a difference in my health or energy.  I had to think about it for a few minutes before answering, “Not really.”  I wasn’t especially energetic, but I wasn’t feeling tired either.  Was I experiencing some kind of life change from drinking Vemma every day?  Not that I could see.

I ran out of Vemma after taking it for three months.  Now is the time to talk about the cost.  One month’s supply of Vemma costs (hold on to your hat) $60!  I find that outrageous.  I wanted to keep taking Vemma, but I didn’t have the money on hand.  My next order of Vemma would have to wait.

Two weeks later I got sick.  It was then that I realized what was normally the sickest time for me, flu season, had actually been a pretty healthy three months.  After years of staying sick during the winter months, I had enjoyed a relatively healthy flu season with enough energy to work out three times a week, work full time and raise three children.

Furthermore, my gastroparesis had improved – certainly helped by the daily aloe found in Vemma.  As soon as I had the money, I ordered more Vemma and have taken it daily ever since.

The Good?

Vemma is packed with all natural vitamins and minerals.  It comes in liquid form, is easy to digest and is 95% absorbable.  Vemma also tastes really good, as opposed to many liquid vitamins on the market today.  When I am on Vemma, I feel healthier and have more energy than when I am out of this product.

The Bad?

THE COST.  Vemma is a very expensive liquid vitamin, at $60 a month plus shipping.  Furthermore, people sell Vemma to make money.  I assume the cost of the bottle is due to the fact that both the seller and the company need to make a profit.  I don’t like having to buy something through a “seller,” raising my cost as a consumer.  Period.

So why am I still taking Vemma daily?  With my stomach problems, I am unable to eat healthy, vitamin-rich foods.  If I don’t supplement my diet, I simply won’t get the nutrition I need.  Since I am unable to take vitamin pills, Vemma’s liquid form is the perfect choice for me.

I also saw first hand how Vemma kept me healthier this winter than I have ever been before.  Vemma is simply packed with nutrition, vitamins and minerals.  And the best part?  My gastroparesis has improved while taking this product.

If I was rich, I would order cases at a time of Vemma and take it throughout my entire lifetime.  No question there.  But as a “regular person” with an average income?  I find Vemma to be far too costly.

If you have the money, I can honestly say you won’t go wrong taking Vemma daily.  But if you are like me, all I can say is this stuff is great, save up when you can and try to have some on hand during the cold and flu season.  It’s good, but far too expensive.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Vemma or any of its sellers.  My review is my own, period.   I have paid for my own Vemma, although I would certainly accept a free bottle if offered!  (Think that will work?)

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  1. Anne Moss
    07 March 2010, 9:35 pm

    My doctor told me that as long as you eat some fruit and vegetable everyday, you shouldn’t worry about supplements. With that in mind, $60 a month does sound like a lot of money to pay for these extras. Thanks for an honest review!


    Katherine Reply:

    Anne, you are so right – we had a pediatrician say something similar. Unfortunately, my stomach won’t absorb food/vitamins/minerals properly, so this is almost a medical necessity for me. Too bad I can’t write it off! Thanks for the comment!


    Christian Zajac Reply:

    Actually you can write Vemma off for tax purposes, b/c it can be a home based business for you. Just by changing your status from customer to member (brand partner) you can benefit from huge tax write offs. The costs of the product are the same, nothing changes. but now you are a business owner and can legally get large tax breaks even if you only consume the product. However, you get a free website and make money if you refer it to someone you know that has health problems.
    I am a Realtor part-time and Vemma has saved me a ton of $$$ in taxes, plus made me a ton of $$$ too b/c I do the business full-time now. Real estate market sucks and in addition corporate america is unreliable too. I have many friends w/ 6 figure income jobs that build their Vemma biz while they exist as a Plan B. It saved my butt and the best decision in my life. Now I get to work from home, mazimize my family time and every Thursday my residual income appears in my bank.


    Katherine Reply:

    Christian, that is excellent. I don’t have the time to sell, although I wish I did after reading this post. Recently I have had some health problems including anemia. I have decided to go back on the Vemma – I want to find someone local who sells it – because I was so healthy when I took it!

  2. linda
    03 May 2010, 3:34 am

    I loved seeing your review! You are the only other person I know with gastroparesis! I was dx with that in 2003 and then with MS in 2005…I am sure that there is a link!!! Your review was very persausive so I am really thinking about trying this!


    Katherine Reply:

    Linda, so nice to meet you! I am so sorry about your gastroparesis and MS! Have you been tested for Lyme Disease?

    I DO honestly recommend Vemma. It is VERY expensive, but it really helps my stomach – and since we have GP, it gives us vitamins and minerals we would not normally get!


    Tammy Wole Reply:

    Doctors are telling everyone to eat right, exercise, and supplement. We do not get the nutrition we need out of the food we eat today. The disease rate has gone up, the food quality has gone down. Our soil is depleted of the many minerals that our bodies need to fight disease. I am a Vemma Rep. but I was a consumer first. I had IBS so terrible that i was afraid to eat anything at all. A friend told me to try Vemma, and I did. It worked! My stomach doesn’t bloat up like I am 5 months pregnant anymore and I go to the bathroom regularly now. This is just to name a few. I also thought it was a little expensive, but I was told that I could be paid a referral for telling someone what I was taking, if it came up. Conversation came up, and now I make enough money to cover the cost of my product, and then some. It’s a clever way to market the product, if you can understand it. Vemma pays people for saying “hey take this!” If you went to a restaurant Friday, and the steak was incredible- and they told you if you referred someone to eat there-you would get paid every time they dined in, wouldn’t you LOVE that? I am happy to hear your back on Vemma. It may be a little expensive, but afterall, without your health, we have nothing at all. Good Day!


  3. Mark Shepherd
    21 June 2011, 7:45 pm

    I read your review about VEMMA and I understand your concern about the cost. Your comment about it would not be as expensive if you could buy it retail is not accurate but certainly understandable. By buying through individual distributors, you actually are saving money. The reason it is sold this way is so the money spent on advertising and supplying it to retail stores is used for commission and overall, cuts the cost. Marketing is more expensive then using distributors.
    Your testament about the product is very honest and typical among those who have an open mind and have tried it. It does work and is amazing. I have been taking it for over two years and distributing it for a year. I would never stop taking it.
    Write me back….. just maybe I can help you out with a free bottle!
    Kind Regards,


    10 July 2011, 1:36 pm



    Tammy Wike Reply:

    Catherine, Yes you can buy Vemma from the internet- Vemma is in over 52 countries worldwide. We also have a large group in Cananda- very fast moving organization there. Please contact me if you have further questions. Vemma has also helped with my stomach issues, and I do get paid to share the news! Thanks!


  5. Barbara
    08 August 2011, 2:53 am

    I can help you with getting some Vemma for you.


  6. Barbara
    08 August 2011, 2:54 am

    I’m in Prince George, BC


  7. Jonnell Rupp
    18 November 2011, 2:06 pm

    I was just looking for information on Vemma and I appreciate your insight. You said $60 a month was very expensive but if you look at it that is $2 a day. We are spending that much everytime you go for morning coffee or a soda or flavored water. So is that really that much?
    Disclaimer: I am not currently affiliated in any way with Vemma


  8. Joey
    06 December 2011, 1:19 pm

    The cost is not higher because those of us that sell Vemma. We are somewhat of a “distributor”. Every company uses distributors sort of like a convenient store where the store people would also make money. I suggest a Vemma business where if you put the effort forth you could not only have your personal use Vemma paid for but also supplement your income.


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