Product Review: Fix it For Wood – Does It Really Remove Scratches From Furniture?

Katherine, 18 March 2010,
Categories: Product Reviews
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fix it reviewFix It for Wood claims to make scratches disappear with a fast-acting spray.  The Fix It website states that wood surfaces will look untouched after being treated with Fix It.  But does Fix It for Wood really work?  Not quite as well as the company says it does.

This Simoniz product claims to actually repair scratches.   During the Fix It commercial, onlookers watch as doors and cabinets are scratched and miraculously repaired before their eyes with a simple spray and wipe.

Consumers can purchase a package containing a light and dark wood spray, a deep scratch filler for each color and a microfiber towel.  Currently the cost is $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.  However, if you hit “back” on your internet browser you may find a better offer in the hopes you will order at a lower price.

After putting it to the test, I can say that Fix It for Wood will indeed cover up scratches, both deep and shallow.  However, Fix It did not actually repair the scratches; rather it simply covered them up.  This was also the case with the deep scratch filler.

You can purchase scratch repair products at any local hardware store, saving you the cost of shipping and handling.  But the speed at which Scratch It covers scratches might make the cost worth it to you in the end.  Is the “damage instantly eliminated” using Scratch It For Wood?  No, it is not eliminated.  However the damage is covered up, making the furniture appear newer and in better condition.