Product Review: Bottle Top Soda Lids

bottle tops reviewWe are a family that rarely drinks soda.  However, when we are at my mother’s house in North Carolina, the children are allowed to have “one coke each” at lunch time.  Oftentimes the cokes are found around the room, opened and only half empty.  So when I saw the commercial for Bottle Top Soda Lids, I was intrigued.  Are Bottle Top lids worth the money?

The Bottle Top Soda Lids commercial states that sodas will never be mixed up again due to the color variations on the lids.  These lids are easily placed on the cans, keeping them spill free and carbonated.  But did the Bottle Top lids really work?

In my house, I gave the lids a thumbs down for a few reasons.

The Pros:

-Bottle top lids come in a wide variety of colors.  Each person chooses a color, ensuring cans won’t be mixed up between people.  This is a great idea and worked very well.

-Cans of soda did not leak with Bottle Tops attached!

-Bottle Tops are an excellent way to prevent spilling when you are drinking soda at picnics, sports games or on the go.

The Cons:

-Without reading the directions, I popped the Bottle Top on my can without opening the can first.  Once the top is on, it is NOT coming off until you squeeze the can.  It took five minutes for me to find a tool that would reach inside to pull the tab on the soda.  My mistake, but something to keep in mind.  Yes, my children laughed at me.

-Speaking of children, my younger kids were unable to put the tops on the cans because this requires a lot of pressure.

-When you drink, the soda has to come out of the can and flow through the bottle top before you can get a sip.  There is a strange and awkward pause between tilting and drinking.

-The kids discovered that if you have a full soda with a Bottle Top on it, you can shake the can and make the Bottle Top lid fly open with a loud pop.  Not the product’s fault, but again, something to keep in mind.

-Taking the tops off of the cans is difficult and a bit messy.

-We put some ½ empty cans of Coke in the refrigerator with sealed Bottle Tops on them.  The next day, the Cokes were completely flat.

If you take soda to the beach, boating or to lots of picnics, Bottle Tops are an excellent way to keep sodas separated by color.  They also keep the bugs out of your can and prevent spilling.  However, do not expect your soda to stay carbonated overnight and be sure to take the lids off over a sink.  Drinking from them is awkward and the screw tops get in your way as you hold the can to your face.  For me, the cost of the Bottle Tops was just not worth it for our particular needs.