Ten Surprising Uses For Salt

Katherine, 12 April 2010,
Categories: Household Tips
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  1. Add a pinch of salt to your plastic containers before adding the lid and storing.  This will keep your plasticware from picking up odors.
  2. Are those eggs fresh?  Find out by adding an egg to a cup of salt water.  If the egg floats, it is old.  If it sinks, it is fresh.
  3. Fruit pies often boil over, causing a sticky, fruity burned mess in the bottom of the oven.  As soon as you see the juice has boiled over, pour salt on it.  This will keep the sugar from burning during baking and will also make cleanup easier once the oven is cooled.
  4. New broom?  Soak it in warm salt water for twenty minutes and then let it dry.  This will extend the life of your broom.
  5. Stinky tennis shoes?  Sprinkle salt in them to help reduce the smell.
  6. Got weeds?   Boil a pot of water with one cup of salt.  Pour the heated water over the weeds to kill them.  You can also pour salt directly on weeds just before a good rain!
  7. Add a bit of salt to the water of your freshly cut flowers to keep them looking nice longer.
  8. When you are washing new colorful clothes or towels for the first time, add a cup of salt to the water to keep colors vivid.
  9. Too many suds in your dish water?  Sprinkle in some salt to reduce the bubbles.
  10. How many times have you been craving coffee, only to find the pot bitter and strong?  If you have no other choice, add a bit of salt to take away the bad taste.