Should You Wear Sunglasses While Driving in the Rain?

Katherine, 19 October 2010,
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sunglasses in rain

During the past month we have had lots of rainy days.  Driving through these torrential downpours has been a challenge at best.  With the pounding rain and wind you can barely see the car in front of you.  So this month I put an urban legend to the test.  I wore sunglasses during a rain storm to determine if I could see better while driving.

I kept a pair of sunglasses next to me this month and put them on every time it started to rain.  I would drive with them on and then lift the glasses up to determine my visibility both with the sunglasses and without.

My conclusion?  Can you really see better wearing sunglasses in the rain?  Yes and No!  The sunglasses cut the glare that the rain produces along the road.  They also allow you to see through the white mist coming off of the car tires.  As far as distance, I wasn’t able to see any further ahead with sunglasses than without.

Can you help to either prove or disprove the urban legend that you can see better with sunglasses while driving in the rain?  Do you wear sunglasses while driving through a storm?  Are you able to see better?

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  1. Man Over Board
    24 October 2010, 3:24 pm

    First off I never heard of this particular urban legend. Now that I have and seeing it’s raining here in NY, I went to the store and tried it out for myself.

    Conclusion: You’re right no glare, perhaps that is why I missed the oncoming car that I hit head on, wiping out a family of church goers. Thank God they had their seat belts on. I unfortunately forgot as I was so wrapped up into checking out this myth.

    I am happy though the hospital I am in has wifi so I am able to post this to your blog. :-/


  2. Man Over Board
    26 October 2010, 6:31 pm

    Of course I was kidding. Now there are two lonely comments from one meat head. Lets go people, this is one of my fav blogs, so get to writing or we will hunt you down and ………………


  3. Jen
    28 October 2010, 8:37 am

    I’ve never heard this urban legend before either. Seems to me I wear sunglasses in the rain all the time but that’s because I’m so cool, and I use them as a hair band on top of my head.

    Glenn, glad you have wifi in the hospital, it’d be a shame to miss your comments.


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