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Katherine, 05 June 2011,
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hair one vs wen

How many of you have found yourselves watching a Wen infomercial late at night, envying the models sporting their shiny, frizz-free hair?  I have done this myself one too many times, dreaming the cost was more in line with my budget.

After a bit of research I discovered a product that is similar to Wen with a much lower price tag.  Indeed, Hair One, sold at Sally Beauty supply, is a cleansing conditioner that costs between $10 to $12.  The concept is the same as Wen, eliminating harsh shampoos in exchange for an all natural cleanser/conditioner combo.

I have thick, dry and curly hair so I purchased the Hair One with Argan Oil made specifically for curly hair.  After my first use I found my hair to be softer, shinier and flatter.  That is, until later that day when my hair began to grow taller than the Bride of Frankenstein.  The Argan Oil blend might work well for curly thin hair, but for my thick and dry hair it spelled nothing but trouble.

After this initial experiment I decided to purchase the Hair One Tea Tree formula made specifically for a dry scalp.  My scalp is not dry, but this product seemed to mimic the Wen Tea Tree Cleanser made for medium to coarse, wavy to curly and ethnic hair.

I have used Hair One Tea Tree Cleanser for three weeks and can say that I will probably never go back to using shampoo.  Hair One has made my hair shiny, soft and well defined.  Although I require my Joico Joi Whip to tame the curls, they are no longer as frizzy as they once were.  And the split ends?  Nearly gone.

If you want to try a Hair One cleanser but do not want a whole bottle, stop by a Sally’s Beauty Supply for a $1.45 sample of any of the cleansers.   I’ve got an olive oil formula sample I plan to try once my Tea Tree runs out.

The only negative thing I can say about Hair One Tea Tree formula is about the product’s scent.  The smell is almost medicinal which isn’t necessarily unpleasant but leaves me wanting more.

If you are tired of stripping your hair with harsh chemicals, Hair One is worth a try if you can’t afford Wen.  Although it is still a bit pricey, you don’t need both a shampoo and conditioner when using Hair One.

I have never tried a Wen cleanser, so I can’t compare Hair One vs. Wen.  If you have used both, what do you think of the similarities and differences of the two products?  Be sure to let us know what type of hair you have.  I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Marla
    13 June 2011, 10:01 am

    I also became obsessed with the Wen infomerical. And before I bought it, I did some research and found out about Hair One. And, yes, I bought a bottle. It worked great. Until the day I was out with friends and was eating froyo on an outside patio – when all of a sudden, flies started dive-bombing my head. And that was the last time I used Hair One. Cuz I din’t buy it to attract insects. True story. ;p Lol!


    Katherine Reply:

    Maria, I laughed out loud when I read your comment! I use the Tea Tree formula and haven’t noticed anything buzzing around me. What formula did you have on? I am in the ocean a lot – maybe I need to watch out for swimming critters near my hair! :)


  2. Maymzee
    13 October 2011, 3:54 pm

    I have used both Wen and Hair One. I started with Wen sweet almond mint. Loved it. My hair is dry,curly, medium texture. I used Wen as long as I could, but it is ridiculously expensive for long hair. I was so happy when I discovered Hair One!! I have used the curly hair version and dry hair version. The curly hair one with Argan works best for me. I may give the tea tree one a try, but the Argan one seems the closest to Wen sweet almond. As you know curly hair is beautiful….when tamed with the right moisturizers!


    Katherine Reply:

    Maymzee, thank you for your comment! Coincidentally, my mother told me last night that when we were away for the weekend she used “what I had in the shower” for her hair. She said in the morning her hair was just as soft and beautiful as it was the previous day. She wanted to know exactly what it was so she could get some herself. I gave her my Hair One for curly hair since that didn’t work for me, just to see if it will do well with her. If it doesn’t, she will get the one I use for dry scalp. This is such a great alternative to expensive Wen!


  3. Jessica
    04 November 2011, 1:36 pm

    I recently tried the new Hair One version that is now available in Europe and like it. Thanks for the detailed review.


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