Is Your Baby Crying and Screaming Constantly?

Does your newborn seem to cry constantly? Has your pediatrician told you that your baby just has “colic” and will grow out of it? If so, it is time to pursue your baby’s tears further, possibly with a pediatric gastroenterologist. Your baby might be suffering from reflux.

Reflux occurs when the sphincter, or muscle that keeps food in the stomach, is weak. Stomach contents seep into the esophagus, causing what adults know as heartburn. Unfortunately, all too many reflux babies are diagnosed with colic. With many infants, refluxing corrects itself as the baby’s stomach muscles strengthen, so it appears they are just “growing out of colic.” But in the meantime, both Mom, Dad and baby have had far too many sleepless nights and needless pain.

Some symptoms of reflux include crying, screaming, choking, spitting up, kicking, straining and constipation. Doctors can diagnose reflux by giving your baby barium through a bottle and watching the stomach by x-ray to see if the contents leak into the esophagus. Treatment for mild reflux is usually one or two medications, giving your baby much needed relief.

For constant crying, you may also look into your baby being intolerant to dairy. For more information on reflux and dairy intolerance and allergies, go to

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