How to Create Newspaper Nails

Funky newspaper nails aren’t just for girls anymore.  Indeed, women of all ages are having fun transferring words and pictures to their fingernails.

To create a newspaper nails manicure, first polish your fingernails with any light color of your choice.  Allow your nails to dry completely.

funky manicure

Cut out words or pictures from the newspaper, leaving enough edge for you to grasp when the transfer is complete.

Quickly dip your nail in rubbing alcohol and gently place the newspaper on the nail.

Allow the newspaper to dry just enough to transfer the ink without drying on the nail.  It is very important the newspaper does not get too dry on the nail.

pressing nails

Now, carefully peel off the newspaper and allow your newspaper manicure to dry!

The lighter the nail polish, the better the look.  Get ready for people to ask you how you created your one of a kind fingernails!

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