Homemade Greek Yogurt

This yogurt crock pot recipe is both easy and inexpensive.  You can use it to make regular yogurt, or even better, homemade Greek yogurt.

Begin your yogurt on a day when you have at least 5 ½ hours remaining before you go to bed.

Purchase a half gallon of whole milk, preferably organic.  Pour it in a crock pot, put on the lid and cook it on low for 2 ½ hours.  Unplug the crock pot and leave it covered for an additional 3 hours.

homemade yogurt

Now, add ½ cup of store bought yogurt to the milk and stir it thoroughly.  The yogurt you add must have live cultures in it or this recipe won’t work.

Wrap the crock pot with a towel and let it sit overnight.  I put mine in a cool oven for the evening.

In the morning you will have a crock pot full of regular yogurt.  You can leave it like this or add flavoring such as vanilla or jam.

To make homemade Greek yogurt, line a colander with cheese cloth or paper towels and place the colander over a large bowl.  Add the yogurt to the colander and place it in the refrigerator for several hours.

crockpot yogurt

Liquid from your yogurt will drain through the cloth, leaving you with the creamiest yogurt you have ever had.  The liquid is called Ghee and can be used in other recipes.


This homemade crock pot yogurt is inexpensive, easy and delicious!

homemade greek yogurt