Easy Chocolate Pancakes. And I mean EASY.

My nieces and nephews have deemed them, “Aunt Kathy’s Famous Pancakes.”  Indeed, everyone seems to love my Saturday morning chocolate chip pancakes.  But my chocolate pancakes?  They were an accident.  A delicious accident, that is.

I hate to admit it, but my chocolate chip pancakes are simply a box pancake mix that I throw chocolate chips in to.  I recommend Aunt Jemima Light and Fluffy pancake mix.

The chocolate pancakes were a mistake, and a wonderful one at that.  Not realizing someone had just used the hot water, I poured two cups of it in to the mix.  Then I threw in tollhouse chocolate chips and stirred.  To my surprise, the mix began to turn a rich brown.

By adding hot water instead of cold, the pancakes changed from chocolate chip to a rich chocolate flavor instead.  Furthermore, some of the chocolate chips remained intact, allowing for the best of both worlds that morning.  It was a nice change, and the children actually thought I had used a new and complicated recipe for the morning’s pancakes.

Sometimes mistakes in the kitchen can become the family’s favorite dishes.  Have you made mistakes in the kitchen that actually turned in to delicious meals or treats?


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