Review: K9 Web Protection – Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

web protection softwareI have three kids and of course, the internet at my home.  Between trips to sports and scouts, I am not always there to monitor web use in the house.  So I let the dog do it when I’m not around – that is, I leave K9 Web Protection in charge. 

K9 Web protection is free software that regulates all aspects of your child’s internet browsing.  When you download the software you create your own user name and password.  After installing K9, you open it and choose exactly what your child can do on the internet. 

There are many helpful settings in this program to help parents keep their children safe online.  You can block out times the kids can’t access the internet, which I find to be an excellent tool to stop late night web surfing.  

You can create levels of protection, from high to moderate and low.  Furthermore you can block or allow access to individual sites.  Parents can allow chatting, block it and so forth.  You can also review a list of every website your child has visited, including the tim

I’ve used K9 Web protection for a year and my children hate it.  That is how I know it works.  And the best part?  This program is legit – no spam or ads – just an excellent software that does exactly what it advertises – protecting children from dangerous internet surfing!