Does A Bag Of Water And Pennies Repel Flies?

Have you ever been to a restaurant or market place that had water bags hanging around the windows?  And upon closer inspection you see they have pennies or bits of foil inside the water?

If you asked, you might have been told that these bags of water repel flies.  Many believe that a bag of water containing pennies or foil flakes will confuse a fly and make it leave the area.  People say that the sunlight shining through the water will hit the pennies or foil and cause a prismatic effect, making the flies to avoid the area.

We decided to try this ourselves using sandwich bags, pennies and a big bowl of inviting cat food.  Flies are constantly buzzing around this food bowl, eventually making their way indoors.

Did it work?  See for yourself.  That fly is enjoying a tasty meal and completely ignoring the “prismatic effect.”  Honestly, we were greatly disappointed.  After all, we are a family that believes in home remedies and many old wives tales.

repel flies bag

But don’t let our simple test keep you from trying this yourself.  If you have an area that attracts flies, try the bag-penny-foil test and let us know.  Did it work?  What did you do differently from our own experiment?  Do bags with water and pennies actually repel flies?  Not on our back porch, but maybe yours!