Review: Ninja Master Prep Review – Does it Really Work?

review ninja masterI am a Ninja in the kitchen.  That is, with my new Ninja Master Prep I am.

Have you seen the new commercials?  The Ninja Master Prep is a cross between a blender, a Magic Bullet and a food processor.  But does the Ninja Master really work?  YES!

This is a must have kitchen gadget for sure.  The Ninja comes with a 48 ounce pitcher for making drinks as well as a two cup processor bowl.  The motor moves from the pitcher to the processor, sitting easily on top of each.  The parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The blending and chopping mechanism includes a stem with a double layer of blades.  This is where the Ninja surpasses similar products in the chopping and blending arena.  Most blenders and food processors chop the top layer of food while turning the bottom layer into mush. The Ninja actually chops food evenly throughout, resulting in a both a delicious and attractive salsa and more.

This weekend I’ve already prepared iced coffee, chopped vegetables for a casserole, made salsa and blended two fruit smoothies.  All of these were easy to make and blended or chopped perfectly.  The blades are sharp and the motor is powerful.

I’ve got kids who immediately wanted me to make “snow” with the Ninja Master Prep.  At first I was skeptical but then surprised.  This machine will actually shave whole cubes of ice, turning hard ice into fluffy “snow,” perfect for slushies, cold drinks and snow cones.

Finally, a note to those with gastroparesis like me.   Many of us rely on blenders to make smoothies and slushies that are easy for us to digest.  The Ninja Master Prep will not only chop down your food into any size you choose, but will also blend a perfect smoothie.  This chopper and blender is an excellent tool for the “GP” kitchen!