Easy and Delicious Spritz Cookie Icing for Decorating Cookies

Spritz cookies, or Spritzgebäck in German, are Christmas cookies made with eggs, butter, sugar and flour.  They are usually pushed through a cookie press into various shapes, then baked into a buttery crispy delight.

These and other Christmas cookies can be decorated once baked and cooled.  Our favorite cookie icing?  A simple powdered sugar and milk mixture, with a twist.

For interesting, delicious and easy cookie decorating, place a cup of confectioner’s sugar in a bowl.  Pour in a little bit of milk at a time while stirring.  Try to bring the icing to a consistency that enables you to pour it on with a spoon or from a bag, leaving it thick enough that it stays on the cookie.  The twist?

Make several bowls of this icing, and then add a few drops of flavored extract to each bowl.  Use food dye to color each icing.  Our favorites are lemon with yellow, amaretto with blue, coconut with green and vanilla with no added color.

After the icing is placed on the cookie, sprinkles can be added for further decoration.  You haven’t lived until you have eaten a spritz cookie with amaretto icing.  Heaven!

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