Instyler Rotating Iron Review

Katherine, 30 June 2009,
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Does the Instyler Rotating Iron really work?  You bet – and then some! 

The first time I saw the infomercial for the Instyler, I was hooked.  I have thick curly and course hair, so the Instyler looked like a dream come true.  But does the Instyler actually gloss, straighten and curl hair like it does on TV?  Absolutely.

A few weeks ago I was getting my hair cut when I mentioned the Instyler.  To my surprise, one of the hair dressers actually had one on hand.  Excitedly I tried a few places on my hair and was amazed.  My hair truly went from kinky and curly to glossy and straight.  Then I tried a ring curl on the side and it gave me a long, swirly curl that remained in place for the rest of the day. 

I now own an Instyler Rotating Iron.  I’ve straightened all of my hair in fifteen minutes tops.  I’ve curled and glossed the top in two.  This product does exactly what it says.  Furthermore, I was in brief contact with a representative from the company and was impressed with both his professionalism and his integrity. 

If you have been watching the Instyler Rotating Iron Infomercial and have been “on the fence” about purchasing it, I say jump off – I love this product!