A New Recipe for your Grilled Hamburgers – Hawaiian Style!

Katherine, 10 August 2007,
Categories: Food and Drink
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This is one of those recipes you will make a face at – until you try it! The next time you grill hamburgers outside, open up a can of pineapple rings and throw them on the grill too. They don’t need long – just enough to warm them and give them a smoky flavor.

Now comes the strange part. Put a few pineapple rings on your hamburger and taste the magic! If you think about it, people have been adding pineapple to ham dishes for years… so why not beef?

Our favorite? After you flip your hamburgers, put some smoked gouda or cheddar cheese on the top. When the burgers are done, make yours with a bit of mayo, pineapple and some grilled jalapeƱo peppers. The sweet and the hot combined with the hamburger meat makes for a fantastic burger. Try it!

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