AMAZING Easy Pasta Made With Sun Dried Tomates

This week I was desperate for a side dish.  I had some penne, but not much else.  Then I remembered an almost empty jar of Bela Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes in the fridge.  If you find these sun dried tomatoes at Costco, be sure to bring a jar home for times like this.

With just a few ingredients, I made a rich and amazingly delicious pasta side dish – thanks to Bela Sun Luci!

First, I sautéed some garlic in olive oil and added a pinch of course sea salt.  Then I cut the sun dried tomatoes in to strips and added them to the pan.

While I was doing this, the pasta was cooking.  I drained it when it was al dente and added the pasta to the pan.  Then, for the simplest secret of the whole dish, I put a bit of the oil from the tomato jar in to the pan.  After a few shakes of hot pepper flakes, it was done.

You can turn this in to a main dish by adding chicken, shrimp or even pork.  Or simply add a favorite cheese to give it a bit more protein.

Simple?  Yes.  But this was one of those accidental dishes that everybody raved about – from the teenage sons to the nine year old daughter.  And the next day?  “Is there any of that pasta left?”  Unfortunately, the answer was no.   It was just that good.  Thanks to those amazing Costco sun dried tomatoes!

Do you have any quick and easy pasta dishes you would like to share?