Best Curly Hair Shampoo – Godiva Shampoo Bar Review

godiva shampoo reviewGot frizz?  Untamed curls?  Then don’t walk, run to your computer and order yourself a Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar.

Never heard of a shampoo bar?  I hadn’t either until I was introduced to Lush Cosmetics.  Fresh, handmade and organic when possible, Lush’s products are both unique and worth a try.

Lush has strongly scented products, so it is always important for you to read the ingredients before you place your order.  If you don’t like a scent, be sure it is not included in your items.

The jasmine scent of this bar is flowery and wonderful.  My daughter says it smells like honeysuckles, which I now think of every time I use it.  She loves the scent so much that she had me shampoo a piece of fabric so she can keep it near her while she sleeps.

The Godiva Shampoo bar is marketed as having, “nutritious cocoa and Shea butters to soften, condition and loads of shine.”  The jasmine scent represents Godiva riding on her horse, long locks trailing behind her.

Now I am no Godiva and I certainly don’t have long locks trailing behind me, but after using this shampoo bar I almost feel like I do.

The Godiva shampoo bar gives off a luscious creamy lather.  You can feel the cocoa and shea butters in your hair while you are shampooing.  I still require a conditioner, but this is typical with my type of dry and curly hair.

After using Godiva, my curls immediately hold together.  My Joico Joiwhip seals the deal, giving me tamer curls in better formed ringlets.

Godiva leaves a slight “waxy” feel to my hair, which is what keeps the curls tame and reduces frizz.  It also makes my hair softer than any shampoo I’ve used before.  But this coating may not be for everyone.

If you use the Lush Godiva shampoo bar, what hair type do you have and what does this bar do for you?

Disclaimer:  Lush USA did not provide me with this product, nor did they pay for this review.  My review is solely my own.