Can Emotions Affect Your Physical Health?

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Staying healthy does not always mean focusing on your body alone. Rather, your emotional health needs some attention as well. If you feel good emotionally, chances are you feel physically better too. But can your emotional health truly effect your physical health?

Personally, I say yes. Yes, yes yes!


Case in point. I suffer from gastroparesis, or a slow emptying of the stomach. This is a clinically diagnosed chronic illness for which there is no cure. Some days are good and some are bad. But the bad days can easily be triggered by stress or neglect. If I drink too little water, don’t get enough exercise or eat an unhealthy diet, my stomach can begin a series of somersaults that are soon replaced by physical pain.

My daughter has a mild form of reflux in which she only needs medication a few times in the summer, at best. But the minute school begins, she starts to need her pills daily for the first two weeks. Why?  She is stressed, which causes her stomach to contract and become painful.

Emotions are powerful things. If you feel elated, your body often feels strong and healthy. Whereas if you are overwhelmed or overworked, your body will probably show signs of weakness. This is when you are most susceptible to catching a cold or other illness.

Don’t you think this is as a perfect reason to get a massage this weekend? Or perhaps a pedicure, haircut or blow dry? Men, this means a big screen TV game is in order! Because your emotional health indeed effects your physical heath.

massage therapy

Surprisingly, my regular exercise in turn effects my emotional health. Every other day I power walk with my daughter in tow, ending with more than 100 crunches, weights and lower abdominal exercises. Some days it takes everything I have to start the process, but once I do I am happier, less stressed and feel both emotionally and physically better. So remember that physical fitness doesn’t just stop at exercise, but carries over to your mental health. Take time for yourself. Indulge.

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