Craft: Magical Ice Sun Catcher

Katherine, 22 January 2007,
Categories: Crafts
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This outdoor sun catcher is an easy craft that is absolutely beautiful and quite unique. The next cold day you hear your children complain they are bored, bundle them up and send them outside on a quest.

Ask them to collect pine branches, greenery, holly berries or anything else with a bit of color. Now select a dish that can be placed in the freezer with water in it. Try pie plates, bread pans or cake pans. You can even make more than one, each with a different shape.

Fill your container with one to two inches of water. Have your children arrange the items in the water. You can also use sliced orange or lemon rounds, as well as cranberries for striking color.

Cut some yarn, string or rope for a handle, placing each end in the water. If you use yarn, use at least three to four strands – this ice sun catcher is heavy!

Finally, place your creation in the freezer and try to forget it for several hours. Once your ice is completely frozen, run some water over the outside of the container to free the ice from the mold.

Hang your ice sun catcher from a nearby tree. If you made several, you will have a remarkable winter wonderland just outside your door! For a little extra fun, sneak one in to a neighboring backyard. Imagine the delight of your neighbors as they discover this beautiful piece of natural art hanging outside the kitchen window!

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