Crayon Art

Are you looking for a great new idea for children’s art projects?  This is one of our most recent art projects, made with a canvas, hot glue gun, crayons and a blow dryer.

My daughter started this art project by arranging crayons on a simple art canvas.  When she had things the way she liked, I helped her to attach the crayons with a glue gun.

Once the crayons were in place, we took the canvas outside and began to heat the crayons with a blow dryer.  When heated, the crayons will melt and drip down the canvas.  Be sure to supervise your child carefully during this project, as the wax tends to drip in unexpected places.

crayon art

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The crayons in the pictures above were inexpensive “no-name” crayons.  In the picture below we used Crayola Crayons, which provided us with thicker lines and much richer colors.  When purchasing your supplies for this crayon art, it is best to spend a few extra dollars for Crayola Brand crayons.

crayola art

The finished product does not have to stand upright.  Sometimes crayon art looks even better flipped sideways or upside down.  Furthermore, children can use markers, paint or colored pencils to turn “drips” in to flowers, rain or other objects on the canvas!

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