Deflame An Onion Before Using It Raw

Katherine, 14 February 2010,
Categories: Food and Drink
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deflame an onionEver since I got my Ninja Master Prep, guacamole has become a regular side in the house.  The standard mixture includes garlic, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocados, salt, pepper and lime.  Raw onions make the guacamole even better, but can sometimes be too strong.

In Mexico, people will often deflame an onion before adding it to salsas or foods.  Some will blanch the onion while others simply run the onion under cut water.  But my favorite method for deflaming an onion was shown on a Rick Bayless salsa episode.

Rick diced the onion and put the pieces in a sieve.  Then he placed the sieve in a bowl of water and added about two teaspoons of vinegar to the water.  The onions sat in the water/vinegar mixture while he prepared the rest of the salsa ingredients.

The day after I saw this episode I tried deflaming onions myself.  And sure enough, it works!  If you deflame an onion before you add it raw to something, it takes the bite out but leaves plenty of flavor.  Thanks, Rick!