Do Weather Sticks Really Work?

Katherine, 10 June 2019,
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When I saw my first weather stick, I laughed.  Mounted on my friend’s back deck, this wobbly little twig looked far from an accurate weather predictor.

Little did I know that Native Americans first used weather sticks as a weather prediction tool.  According to Wikipedia, they noticed certain branches would move according to upcoming weather conditions.

After purchasing my weather stick, I quickly mounted it on the house and waited for the fun to begin.  Does this balsam stick really help to predict the weather?

See for yourself!

weather stick in the rain

Rarely does the weather stick get it wrong.  As the air becomes dry, up goes the stick.  Moisture in the air?  Horizontal.  Impending rain?  Droop.  And of course a complete bend downwards as the rain hits.

Inexpensive and easily found on the internet, these are a fun weather predictor to have!

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