Does Your Body Image Change As You Age?

Katherine, 16 August 2010,
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Was I taught at a young age that a slim figure is the best figure? After all, who can forget watching Tinker Bell gazing into the mirror with a critical grimace at her hip size? But honestly, who wouldn’t kill for those curvy slim hips? Yet the message was quite clear… skinny is best.

I don’t know what it was that made me view my body image in such a negative light. “My hips are too wide. I have a big butt. I’m not thin enough!” Was it the super slim women on television? Or the few cheerleaders who turned up their noses at me as they walked by?

girls body image

For all of you loyal Shoot-Me-Now readers, this is the ONLY time you will see me in a bathing suit.  Positive body image or not!

As an adult I look back and understand just how good I actually looked. Three babies later, my hips are wider and my stomach four cans shy of a six pack. But I have come to appreciate who I am and what I look like. My body image? It is forgiving and accepting.

Will my daughter follow the same path? Just last week she was gazing at herself in the mirror. “Mom? I want to be pretty. Can we get some new clothes? And a haircut and pedicure? Won’t those make me pretty?” Alarms rang in my head at these innocent words.

Throughout my daughter’s life I have done everything I can to nurture a positive self image in her. I’ve explained that beauty comes from within. I am sure to point out “beautiful things” about people who don’t resemble anything you would find on the cover of a magazine. But somewhere, somehow she must have begun to believe beauty is only skin deep.

I think she will be a work in progress, as are all little girls as they peek into the future. For now, she sees I am comfortable in my own skin, despite what society may consider my many flaws. She enjoys participating in my exercise program and watches me eat healthy low-fat food.

crystal light metabolism

We’ve discussed staying hydrated too. She is always asking for a taste of my water, which is sometimes flavored with Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango packets. Crystal Light’s “Water Your Body” campaign has inspired me to drink two extra bottles of water a day. And delicious bottles they are!

Although I’ve come to accept who I am, I’ve stepped up my exercise program in the last six months. My daughter doesn’t have to know I’m getting a little help with Crystal Light Metabolism +, does she?  There are some things you just have to learn with age.

Do you have a positive body image? If so, what do you attribute to your success in being happy with whom you are?

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