Eating Healthy When You Are on Vacation or Away From Home

Katherine, 02 August 2010,
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When I was in high school – and we won’t say how long ago that was! – my parents built a beach house in the beautiful Outer Banks.  The house served as a summer rental cottage until two years ago when my mother decided it was finally time to stop.  No more renters means an empty beach house calling my name on summer weekends.  It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Every Friday night I load up the kids, the dog and surfboards for an hour and 45 minute drive to Corolla for a two day stay.  Going to a beach house every weekend is indeed a blessing, but it has its challenges as well.  Packing, meals, and hours in the car which has to be loaded and unloaded in the summer heat.  So how do we stay healthy during our weekly excursions?

The first health challenge I face is Friday night’s dinner.  It would be so easy to zip through a fast food joint for a quick meal on the go.  But that means loading the kids up with french fries, fatty burgers and soda.  Do they really need that every seven days?

My solution is to pack healthy sandwiches and snacks for our road trip picnic, as well as several bottles of chilled water.  And my water is the best of all, because it now contains an On the Go packet of Crystal Light Enhanced Metabolism+.  Imagine ice cold green tea and peach mango in place of a bottle of plain old water.  YUM.

I have to say that reviewing the new Crystal Light Enhanced line was no great chore.  On the contrary – the Metabolism+ is absolutely delicious.  The metabolism benefit is simply icing on the cake.  Since I am finally off of my weight loss plateau and am now in the “you have lost so much weight!” mode, I am happy to carry my single serve packets everywhere.

Another tip for staying healthy on the go?  Skip the convenience foods no matter how cheap they are and easy to pack.  Instead, head over to your local warehouse store and purchase a big tub of fresh fruit.  When we are away I keep a large container of cherries or strawberries on the counter for snacking.  Surprisingly, the kids go for the fruit over everything else, especially after a hot few hours on the beach.

beach strawberries

And speaking of the beach, remember to carry water with you as you travel.  Every night I pour a bit of water out of a new water bottle and place it in the freezer.  When I’m ready to head out the next day I refill the empty space and take my bottle along.  The heat slowly melts the ice, keeping my drink nice and cold.  Remember, reusable bottles are a green way to stay healthy too.

This past weekend brought a heat wave like no other.  We sat on the beach as the thermometer clocked 105 degrees.  Next to me?  My trusty bottle of water and Crystal Light To Go packet.

crystal light review

The sun, the ocean and plenty of fresh water.  Pure heaven!

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I need more wellness ideas.  How do you stay healthy while you are on the go?