Editingg Review and GIVEAWAY: Photo Editing and Touchups

Katherine, 19 July 2010,
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Do you have a great family picture that is only flawed due to the light fixture seemingly coming out of Aunt Betty’s head?  Or do you have a perfect picture of the kids despite the fact that someone else’s child is running by in the background?  Then I recommend you visit Editingg for some quick and reasonably priced editing.

I was recently approached by an owner of Editingg about holding a contest for free premium photo edits in addition to reviewing their work.  I liked what I saw on the site and agreed to give it a go.

He told me how to upload two pictures of my choice for free editing so I could see their work.  But what to choose?   After narrowing it down to three I was told to send the additional one along.  They already scored a point in my book for that!

Editingg states, “We want to help people turn their home photos into memories that they will cherish, and we’re starting out with an affordable home photo touch-up service.”  Rather than use words, I will use pictures to show you their work.

Rather than send them recent photos from my digital camera, I challenged them with old scratched pictures that had been scanned in to my computer.  The first is of my grandmother seated in the middle of several family members during a reunion.  The edits applied were basic adjustment, cropping, facial touch-up and minor object removal.  The final picture is brighter, crisper and more defined.


photo contest


My second picture is of my grandfather and grandmother.  This picture was sent to them grainy, blurred and scratched.  I love the way the edited picture brings out the details of the motorcycle.  The faces of my grandparents are also brighter and more defined.  As a side note, she would sneak out to ride with my grandfather before they were married.  Shocking!


old motorcycle


40's photo

And finally, my favorite picture.  This is of my mother and father on their wedding day.  I asked if they could remove the person to the right of my father.  When I opened the final result I caught my breath.  They did an amazing job editing the background.  Furthermore, my mother’s dress is more defined and both of my parents are brighter and easier to see.  The blurring in the background makes them stand out, changing the photo from nice to beautiful.

This weekend I surprised my mother by showing her the before and after pictures of her and my father.  She choked up, with me to follow.


old navy wedding photo


Navy Wedding

Can you think of five pictures you would love to have edited?  Then be sure to enter this exciting giveaway!  For your first entry, simply leave a comment below.  For another entry, follow @Editingg on Twitter and tweet:

I just entered to win $75 worth of free professional home photo touchups from @Editingg at http://agoosa.com/?p=1534

Once you have done this, please come back and leave a second comment.  This is an important part of the entry process because I use random.org to select my winners.  You need to have one comment for every entry.

And the best part?  There will be TWO winners!

I am very impressed with Editingg’s work, with their customer service and the ease in which you can upload and purchase your edits.  Don’t forget to enter!


Tina and Debbie.  Congratulations!