Flip Ultra Review: Does the Flip Ultra Video Recorder Really Work?

flip ultra reviewLooking for an excellent way to record quick videos on the go?  Then I recommend looking in to the Flip Video Ultra, a product I purchased for myself that I have enjoyed ever since!

The Flip Ultra runs off of two AA batteries, but consumers can purchase a rechargeable battery pack or a power cord for the device.  I’ve used the same AA batteries for three weeks and haven’t had to replace them yet.

The beauty of the Flip is its portability.  I carry the recorder in my purse, and can place it in my pocket for easy access.  And quick?  The Flip will begin recording videos three seconds after powering it on.

I take my Flip to basketball games and take quick shots as the players run back and forth between baskets.  Normally the videos I take with my $500 video camera are dark in the middle school gyms. But the Flip videos are bright and of a much better quality.

Middle School Boys B Team vs Jr Varisty High School Girls Undefeated Team from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

The Flip’s ability to take excellent videos in dark places has surprised me the most.  I took a video while we were in the Virginia Aquarium in a very dark area that was surrounded by water.  The quality is excellent – and far better than my normal camcorder would have taken.

The Virginia Aquarium New Exhibit from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

Videos I’ve taken outside are much clearer, brighter and crisp.  But my favorite part about the Flip is how you can record quick shots in dark places without a lighting source.

A Flip Video Ultra takes 120 minutes of video, 2X digital zoom, has a 2.0 inch display and comes with a TV cable for home viewing.  The USB arm flips out from the side, making your transfers to the computer fast and easy.  The Flip software allows you to upload videos to Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and other sharing sights easily.  You can also email videos with just a few clicks.

The Flip Video Ultra is honestly a gadget that I love and use all the time.  I can sneak videos of the children without them knowing, which makes for some funny and very real videos.   If I ever see something I want to take a video of, I pull out my Flip and shoot within a few seconds.

Parents have stopped me at games and school functions and asked me about my Flip.  “Weren’t those all the rage this Christmas,” they ask.  “But do they really work?”  I will hand them the recorder and let them view the clips I’ve taken.  All of them immediately comment on the quality of the shots.  “I have GOT to get one!” is usually their conclusion.

And I agree.  For about $155, I have a handy video recorder that I take everywhere I go.  Videos are easy to take and even easier to share.  The Flip isn’t something you would record your wedding with, but is definitely something that works beautifully for easy, on the go video that you can share with family and friends.  For the price of about $155, this gadget is well worth it for the fun you will have taking quick shots on the go.