Hemp Hearts: One Of Nature’s Perfect Foods

Katherine, 16 October 2009,
Categories: Health and Nutrition
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super food hempLooking for the perfect healthy food?  Something with protein, vitamins and essential fats?  Would it be even better if the food was wheat and dairy free?  Then let me introduce you to a new staple in my kitchen – Hemp Hearts!

Hemp hearts can be found at an increasing number of health food and organic stores and can also be ordered online.  What is a hemp heart?  It is a shelled hemp seed, THC free of course.  I’ve recently discovered hemp hearts and I am now sold.

This natural food is packed with good stuff.  It contains more protein (amino acids) than eggs, meat or milk.  Hemp hearts are 47% oil, 78% of which are the essential oils omega 3 and 6, with is more than contained in fish.

Four tablespoons of Hemp Hearts contain the following:

super foodThese shelled hemp seeds are marketed as a product that will increase energy, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, aid in digestion, relieve constipation, increase weight loss and reduce starch and sugar cravings.  They are good for those who cannot tolerate gluten and dairy as well.

The instructions ask that you eat 4 tablespoons of hemp hearts in the morning as your daily intake.  I sprinkle mine on plain greek yogurt and add a bit of natural honey and flax seed to the mix.  Hemp hearts are good for my gastroparesis because they are easy to digest and are a perfect protein, providing essential fats and vitamins as well.  They have a nutty flavor and have the consistency of couscous.

I’ve only been eating hemp hearts for a week so I cannot report weight loss or lowered cholesterol yet.  But I can certainly say they taste good, they are affordable and have given me a bit more energy during the hard work week.  I’m happy to have found such a healthy and natural food that I can now include in my daily diet.

Have you eaten hemp hearts, and have you experienced better health with them?