How To Stop A Food Craving Fast

Katherine, 08 January 2010,
Categories: Health and Nutrition
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cutting cravingsYou have been craving creamy chocolate all day.  Your mind keeps wandering to the pint of chocolate fudge ripple ice cream in the freezer.  You can’t get the image of that ice cream out of your head.  You get home, eat dinner and find your sweet tooth has won the battle as you reach for that container of ice cream.

You just CAN’T STOP.  But wait!  The next time this happens, try a little experiment.  Take one bite of the ice cream (or other sweet or salty food) and savor it.  Let it roll around on your tongue as you enjoy it’s “bad for you” goodness.  Then, take another bite.  Finally, put the container down and walk away for five minutes.

Has your craving been satisfied?  According to nutrition professor Linda Bacon, PhD., it might now be easy to resist eating any more.  Bacon believes that your tongue loses sensitivity to the chemicals that make food taste good after just a few bites.

So the next time you have a craving for something that is definitely off your diet, try a few bites and walk away.  This might be your secret to success for a slimmer, healthier you!