How to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on a Leash

Katherine, 29 October 2010,
Categories: Pets
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My dog pulls on her leash to the point of choking herself.  This isn’t healthy for her and certainly doesn’t make for an enjoyable walk.  Fortunately my dog trainer has taught me how to stop my dog from pulling on her leash.

To instantly stop your dog from pulling on the leash during walks, wrap the leash around his or her belly as shown in the picture below.

dog pulling leash

The leash should be loose to keep from hurting your dog.  Having your dog walk in this manner gives you total control with only two fingers on the leash.

Emma is a deaf dog, making this an especially helpful training tool during walks. This trick instantly stops your dog from pulling on a leash without pain or discomfort.  No more gasping for air, choking or pulling on walks – instantly!

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