New Drug Helps Smokers Quit the Habit

Are you a smoker who has tried just about everything to quit? Don’t worry, there is still help out there!

There is a new drug called Varenicline that is currently considered the best tool on the market to help individuals quit smoking. Taken in a pill form twice a day, this medication can be used for up to 24 weeks.

Doctors believe Varenicline keeps nicotine from attaching to the brain’s receptors that are responsible for the “good feelings” you get when smoking. Furthermore, it chemically reduces your cravings for more. There is a possibility that this medication will also work with alcoholism, although these studies are not yet complete.

Studies show that 80% of smokers want to quit, for both financial and health purposes. If you are one of them, ask your doctor about Varenicline and other prescriptions and programs that will help you to kick the habit – for good!

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