Nutritional Information for 7-11 Iced Coffee

Many readers have seen my review of the new 7-11 Iced Coffee and have asked if I have the nutritional information.  My very good friends down the street have provided me with just that! 

7-11 Iced Coffee Ingredients: Water, whole milk, sugar, coffee extract, disodium phosphate, natural and artificial flavor, mono and diglycerides, food starch (modified), sodium phosphate, carrageehan. 

Here is the nutritional information for the Seven Eleven Iced Coffee: 

7-11 Iced Coffee Nutritional Information

Serving Size 8 oz

140 Calories (25 from fat)

Total Fat: 3g (Saturated fat 2g, transfat .9g)

Cholesterol: 10 mg

Sodium: 190 mg

Total Carbs: 26 g

Protein: 3 g