Fix: Outlook Freezes When Creating a Signature

Signatures freeze in Outlook

Does your Outlook 2016 lock up when you are trying to create a signature?  When you have Windows 10 and Outlook, creating a signature can freeze your mail program. This can be a result of a “hidden” Windows 10 Microsoft Office App that was included in your computer’s build.

You won’t find the app in add/remove programs.  To remove it, right click the Start button and select settings.  Click on Apps and then Apps and Features.  

If you don’t see this, you can always type “Apps and Features” in the area that says, “Type here to search” on the bottom left of your screen. You can also click the bottom left “window” icon and begin typing “Apps and Features.”

Locate any Microsoft Office Apps you see, highlight them and click Uninstall.

Now you can create Signatures without Outlook freezing!

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