Produce Review: Does the Touch N Brush Really Work?

Katherine, 26 February 2010,
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touch n brush reviewI won a Touch N Brush over Christmas break.  So the price was right, as it was completely free.  If you buy it, however, expect to pay about $19.99 at your local store.

Does the Touch N Brush really work?  So far, so good, with only a few drawbacks.

Installation of the Touch N Brush is easy.  All you have to do is slide the outer case off and screw your toothpaste in to the base of the unit.  Then, put the outer case back on and use the suction cups to attach the Touch N Brush on to the wall.

The first morning after I installed the Touch N Brush, I found the entire unit on my bathroom floor.  The suction cups had given out over night, but fortunately nothing had broken.  I cleaned the cups and tile wall, installed it again and it’s been up ever since.

I haven’t used up the tube of toothpaste yet, but the Touch N Brush brags a completely empty tube at the end.  I’ve heard from others that the Touch N Brush will indeed take out every last bit of toothpaste.

The Touch N Brush is fun and dispenses a perfect amount of toothpaste every time.  There isn’t any toothpaste mess on the sink, which is a plus.  But is there a mess inside the unit?  Yes, as you can see below:

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The good?  No messy sink, easy toothpaste dispensing and fun to use.  It is also neater looking than having half empty toothpaste tubes surrounding your sink.

The bad?  I was lucky the Touch N Brush didn’t break when it hit the floor on the first night.  You might want to put a towel under the unit the first night or two after installation.  The messy toothpaste inside the Touch N Brush is also a downside to the product, but is better than messy toothpaste on the sink!