Recipe: Brie and Honey Apricots

Katherine, 03 March 2009,
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brie and apricots

Were you recently asked to bring something to a party?  This is an elegant pot luck dish that will take minimal time to prepare.  Shhh! But don’t tell anyone that! 

All you need is a thick round of brie cheese, or two smaller ones.  Slice the brie in half, or with the smaller two rounds, thinly slice the top off of each.  If you prefer a mild cheese, fresh mozzarella is a tasty substitute for the brie. 

Take about a cup of dried apricots and drizzle them with honey.  This should be done a few hours ahead of time so they can soak up the honey goodness.  If you prefer a little more moisture in your apricots, add some orange juice to the mix.  For an adult dish, you can soak the apricots in wine or liquor and honey.  

Now, place one half of the brie on a pretty dish.  Add a layer of apricots, then top with the final round of brie.  Pile the remaining apricots on top in an appealing pattern.  Believe it or not, you are done!  

This cheese tastes wonderful with slabs of sour dough bread, crackers or toasted pita bread.  This is an easy dish that looks not only beautiful but tastes like it was sent from heaven!

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