Review: 7-11 Iced Coffee

Katherine, 22 May 2009,
Categories: Food and Drink

As I’ve said before, if you know me, you know I love coffee.  And I’m a cheap date.  I love 7-11 dark mountain roast over Starbucks.  

Iced coffee wasn’t my thing until I tried the Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee, with cream, a tiny bit of sugar and a little squirt of the mocha syrup.  Heaven.  So when I saw, “Iced Coffee, Coming Soon!” in 7-11, I nearly did a back flip!  

I have to admit, I even visited three different 7-11’s to find one that had the iced coffee.  On the third try, there it was.  I heard angels singing as I went to the machine.  I took a cup, put a little taste of the mocha iced coffee in my cup and delicately sipped.  Darn.  Not so delicately, I took another sip.  Double darn.  It wasn’t what I had hoped. 

I tried the French vanilla next – same thing.  Perhaps I am spoiled by the Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee… real cream, real dark coffee.  To me, the 7-11 Iced Coffee tastes a bit like one of the French vanilla creamers with water and a bit of coffee.  And maybe that was my beef with the drink.  I just didn’t taste coffee. 

My buddies at the 7-11 down the street let me see the nutrition sheet.  Sure enough, there was no coffee listed.  It said “coffee flavor” and then had added caffeine. 

Now, I don’t want to “diss” my favorite coffee shop.  After all, I’m a regular for that Dark Mountain Roast.  But I have to be honest – the iced coffee just doesn’t taste like coffee to me.  I will have it again, and I recommend you try it as well.  After all, I’ve spoken with a few who really enjoy it. 

On my next go, however, I plan to fill a glass with ice and pour in ½ a cup of hot Dark Mountain.  Then add the iced coffee from the machine.  This will give me the iced coffee experience with the dark coffee flavor.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  In the meantime, give the iced coffee a try – you just never know!

6/09 UPDATE:  I have posted the 7-11 Iced Coffee nutritional information on Agoosa.