Review: Bendaroos

Katherine, 26 May 2009,
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You’ve seen it on TV.  Your kids have begged for them.  BENDAROOS!  But should you get them? 

Last summer my daughter pleaded for Bendaroos every time the commercial came on.  “Moooommmm they look so fun!  Look what you can make with them!” 

With a birthday approaching, my mother decided she would order some online.  This proved to be difficult.  As you are carried through the purchasing process, you are inundated with ads for other products.  This became so overwhelming for my mother that she decided, “enough is enough!” and closed out the browser.   She called me and told me it was too shady an experience for her – that the Bendaroos were not worth the hassle of purchasing them.  I completely understood. 

Weeks later, my mother received a surprise.  A box of Bendaroos.  Despite her not “completing” her sale, the company charged her for the product and sent it.  Shady indeed. 

Since we had them, we decided to use them.  My mother gave the Bendaroos to my daughter, who squealed with excitement.  About 15 minutes later, the Bendaroos were on the kitchen table and my daughter was no where to be found.  When I encouraged her to play with them again, she actually whined and said she was “bored” with them. 

From an adult’s point of view, the Bendaroos are much smaller than they appear on TV.  They are short and leave a wax film on your hands.  They stick, but sometimes you have to work at it a bit.  They work best when warmed, making them tacky.  You have to be careful with your finished product, because the strings separate easily.  Personally, I don’t know how they made such a large “mask” on the commercial and kept it together. 

In my opinion, I say, “save your money” when it comes to Bendaroos.  The purchase process is difficult and flooded with commercials, while the product performs far below expectations.

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