Review: Bug Zapper – Does it Work?

Katherine, 11 June 2009,
Categories: Product Reviews
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bug zapper reviewMy kids and I got a new toy.  That’s the best word for it.  I’m talking about the one and only Bug Zapper.  Does the Bug Zapper work?  You bet.  But let me tell you more. 

After seeing one at my friend’s house, I looked high and low for the Bug Zapper for myself.  I finally found one for $9.99 at Target in the barbeque section.  I brought it home, put in two AA batteries and went on a hunt.  But my children managed to talk me out of it so they could have it for themselves.  

Soon I heard a ZAP! and lots of happy screams.  Then a ZIP! and someone yelling, “SCORE!”  This thing is cool – as long as you aren’t a bug. 

When you are ready to swing, you push a button on the side handle which then activates the electricity.  When the bug hits the racket it is immediately electrocuted.  With style, as a matter of fact.  Picture a big blue spark, a loud zap and a bit of smoke for those bigger critters. 

My children wanted to take it out in the backyard, for which they were given a big fat no.  I rescue animals, not kill them – even if they are bugs.  But if a fruit fly or housefly gets into my house, watch out – it’s zapper time. 

The Bug Zapper should never be left near young children.  It carries a pretty good jolt of electricity and could really hurt a little one.  This goes for house pets as well.  “Be careful where you swing,” is my motto. 

For $9.99, the Bug Zapper is a definite MUST BUY.  It works well, and to me, it seems much more humane than chasing a fly  for twenty minutes before hitting it and possibly not finishing the job.  Zap!