Review: New Cardboard 7-11 Coffee Cups

I am very upset and just have to shout about it. Today, I went to 7-11 for my daily coffee and found all of the cups changed to cardboard. I gasped in horror as my eyes drew up to the flat plastic lids, then back to the cardboard cups. Surely this must be a mistake! Where are those wonderful plastic cups!? Where are those incredible lids with the sliding top? I broke out in a cold sweat as the panic swept over my entire being.

Not one to walk away from a new experience, I sheepishly poured my cup of 7-11 coffee, adding a bit of french vanilla cappuccino at the end. Immediately I knew I was in trouble. My hand began to feel warm… no, practically began to burn! I set the cup down and found the cup insulators – just begging me to try one. They looked up at me mockingly, knowing if I used one I would immediately drop the cup as the insulator slid to and fro. I decided to be brave and go without.

After crying to the poor cashier, I angrily stomped to my car with my cup of coffee. As I closed the door, a new horror arose. My car began to reek of hot cardboard… this is not good! I drove back to work, and not being able to stand it anymore, tried to open the top. Five minutes later, I took a big swig. BLAH! Cardboard Coffee! More stomping as I walked in to work. By the time I was half way down the hall, the coffee began to slosh out of the cup and down my hand. Huge droplets of my precious liquid java spent on the floor – such a waste! Hands covered with sticky coffee, I opened the door to my office space.

7-11, how could you do this to me! How could you take my one true joy and turn it in to cheap, drive-thru coffee? You work so hard to provide your customers with excellent fresh coffee, and then you serve this Cadillac in a Yugo cup??! Oh the pain, the agony… the absolute feeling of defeat as I type and sip my paper infused coffee. Hmmm, I wonder what McDonald’s cups are like?

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