Review: Oil of Olay Pro X

Katherine, 25 January 2012,
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Does the Oil of Olay Pro X really work?  That is exactly what I wondered after finding the Olay rotating brush for a mere $22 on Amazon.  With free shipping, I would soon find out!

I have always wanted a rotating cleansing brush, but sadly the cost has prevented me from such an extravagant anti-aging product.  Fortunately  the low price of the Olay Pro X falls within most household budgets.

The Olay Pro X has a rotating brush and runs on two AA batteries that are included in the kit.  The Olay brush merely spins, while many costly facial cleansers rotate while utilizing sonic technology.  Olay’s product has both a high and low setting.  The Pro X is both lightweight and easy to hold.

After using the Olay Pro X for a month, I have to say I would not wash my face without it.  My skin is smoother and I have not had any breakouts since purchasing the Pro X.  NONE.

But does the Olay Pro X make my skin look younger?  Yes and no.  My kit came with the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser.  Using this daily with the brush on a high setting indeed cleared up my skin, but also accentuated some of my deeper wrinkles.  To prevent this, I switched to the Micro Purifying Foaming Cleanser for daily use and exfoliate once every seven days.

After cleaning my skin with the Olay Pro X, I use a Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream for moisture and anti-wrinkle support.  Indeed, my skin is now softer with less defined wrinkles, thanks to the slight changes I made using the Olay Pro X.

What are the drawbacks of the Olay Pro X?  As I noted before, the product only uses a spinning brush, as opposed to those that have sonic technology.  Furthermore, it is difficult to open the battery container, particularly for those with weakened hands.

What are the pro’s of the Olay Pro X?  The cost is hard to beat, especially compared to other facial cleansing brushes.  The batteries last a long time, it is portable and has two speeds.  After using the Pro X, my skin is smoother and completely free of blemishes.

I give my Olay Pro X two thumbs up!

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