Subliminal Messages – BUY ME!

animated tvSubliminal messages can be words flashed for milliseconds on a commercial, for instance “buy me” or “pizza tastes great.”  <subscribe to this blog> The Federal Trade Commission Act states, “prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in interstate commerce.”   In other words, subliminal messages are not allowed. 

But are they really gone?  What about those fast food commercials that target a particular burger.  Notice the cool drink?  The hot, tasty fries being eaten in that one small clip?  <subscribe to this blog> Or commercials for food or drink that show amazingly attractive people enjoying the products?  Where is the line officially crossed with subliminal messages? 

So the next time you see a movie and crave a particular food, take notice.  Did an actor in the movie just partake in that product?  Be watchful of ad placements on television, in movies and in print.  <subscribe to this blog> They may not be legally deemed as a subliminal message, but they are there – we are just programmed not to notice! 

OK, the <subscribe to this blog> was just a joke – but you get the point – it’s everywhere!