What is the Best Android Diet App?

I have tried several diet and exercise apps for my Android phone, sticking to free applications only.  Many were cumbersome, taking far too much time to enter data than they were worth.  After much testing, I have finally found a free Android diet and exercise application that is not only good but great.  It is called “Calorie Counter” and syncs your data directly to FatSecret.Com.

When you open Calorie Counter you will find icons for Foods, Restaurants/Chains, Popular Brands, Supermarket Brands, Food Diary, Exercise Diary, Diet Calendar, Weight Tracker and the Sync icon for FatSecret.

The food icons are organized to help you find nutritional data for an endless database of foods, including fast food meals, pre-packaged and natural foods.  When deciding what to eat you can look up nutritional information for just about anything.  In each category, there is a search bar for quicker access to what you need.

diet app

My favorite part of this application is the Food Diary.  For the last two months I have used it religiously, enabling me to balance both nutrition and calories for healthy weight-loss.  You can enter regular meals and save them for easy data entry, or search from the food database for everything you eat.  And even better?  It has a bar code scanner!  Grab what you are about to eat, scan it and all of the calories and data are entered automatically.

exercise app

For each day in the food journal there is a block that fills in as you enter eaten food.  This is an easy visual to show you just how many more calories you can take in that day.  It is based on data you enter when setting up the application regarding your goals in either weight management or weight-loss.

When I found myself on a plateau I realized through the journal that I wasn’t eating as many calories as I should.  As an experiment, I added those extra calories and lost 2.5 pounds the week I made this change.

To sync your data to the website you have to become a member, which is free.  From there you have many more tools at hand, including the option to print your daily food journals with extensive details on calories, carbs, fat and more.  There is also a community for weight loss and nutrition support.

This diet and exercise application is incredibly easy to use and provides you with extremely valuable food and exercise information and help.  After testing it, I have continued to use it daily.  Although I focus more on the food and nutrition, I also use the exercise portion of the application as well.  I give this diet and exercise android application not only two thumbs up, but a high five as well!