What’s Your Water Style?

Katherine, 09 August 2010,
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Hot enough for ya?  Recently our temps reached a whopping 105 degrees.  I know, you folks from Texas are laughing at me, I can hear you!  But no matter how hot your summer gets, it is important to stay hydrated.  Not with sodas or lattes (well, maybe a few of those), but with w-a-t-e-r.  Simple, plain, healthy and free.

Plain.  Did you catch that word?  When I’m overheated, nothing tastes better than an ice cold glass of water.  However I am often inside at my desk where I don’t feel quite as “desperate” for H20.  During those times my bottle of water often sits untouched for hours, despite my good intentions.

That is, until I discovered Crystal Light’s Enhanced Metabolism “On the Go” packets.  When I find myself avoiding water but in need of hydration, I will treat myself to a tall glass of green tea and peach mango mix.  Crystal Light’s campaign to have people “Water their Body” has honestly helped me to drink more water.  It tastes so good that I have to hide it from my 9 year old!

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Another time I drink water consistently is while I take my evening walk.  This is one of my favorite parts of my exercise program, but in 100+ degree heat it can be rough.  I wait until late in the day, fill my water bottle and add a To Go pack and ice.  When the power walking gets rough, the treat in my water bottle makes the pain a little less… well, painful.

And speaking of painful, check out just how hard my trainer is on me.  My NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TRAINER!

My Workout with the Next Jillian Michaels from shootmenowblog on Vimeo.

My water style used to be, “Put a glass of water in front of me and let it sit for a while.  Then forget to carry water with me on my long strenuous walk.”  Now my water style is, “Fix a bottle of water with Crystal Light Enhanced Metabolism and drink it immediately.  Then fill my water bottle before my walk and never EVER forget to bring it!”

Do you fill a large container with water and drink it throughout the day?  Or do you keep a case of water bottles under your desk to remind yourself to stay hydrated?  What is your water style, and how do you stay motivated to keep hydrated?

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