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Katherine, 16 June 2009,
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I honestly believe that if there were more people willing to help others, that this world would be a better place.  Do you agree? 

Picture yourself, for instance, having to be away from your home for some reason.  Any reason.  You are stressed, you feel the weight of all your burdens hanging over you… and then you return home.  As you pull into your driveway, you see that someone mowed your grass while you were away.  But who?  Who would take the time to do something for YOU.  Who felt you were special enough to have a burden taken off of your shoulders?

Now, what if you NEVER found out.  It would always remain “the mystery unsolved” throughout your life.  As you ponder the possible suspects, that good feeling comes back time and time again. 

Now picture yourself giving that very same feeling to someone else.  It is easy.  It doesn’t take a lot of time.  And it makes YOU feel good too. 

That is why I’ve created a new website solely for the purpose of trying to get people to help people.  Nothing more, nothing less.  BUT there is a catch.  I want people to give anonymously.  If you visit the site, you will find the reason why.  (hint: MY DAD!  A BUS!  SENIOR CITIZENS! CHAMPAGNE!) 

The key to the success of this website is you.  And your neighbor.  And the guy behind you in the drive thru.  And his wife.  And their child’s teacher.  Won’t you take a moment to visit, see what this is all about and then pass the word to your friends and family? 

You won’t be sorry.  And I promise you that your spy skills will be truly honed if you choose to participate.  This message will NOT self destruct in 10 seconds. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 

Visit Anonymous-Gifts.Com!

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