Wonderful Girl Scout Patch Presentation Idea

Katherine, 12 June 2009,
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brownie patch presentation

Looking for a wonderful way to present Girl Scout badges at your next meeting?  Our Brownies received their patches and awards in cute flowerpots with a picture placed in the middle. 

To make these Girl Scout award presentations, place floral foam in the bottom of a clay flowerpot.  Add Spanish moss to the top of the floral foam.  If you are giving these patches to Daisies or younger Brownies, you can use decorative plastic flower pots – “just in case.” 

Take a hot glue gun and put a small dab of glue on the end of green popsicle sticks.  You can make popsicle sticks green with paint or markers if you only have plain sticks.  Place a patch at the end of each stick.  Be sure to only use a small amount of glue so the patches will come off easily once presented. 

Arrange the patches in your flower pot.  You can add a bit of candy glued to a stick and place a picture of your girl scout in the middle of the arrangement.  Tootsie pops or lollipops look cute placed between the patches as well.

Try to keep your flower pots hidden until it is time to give out the awards.  You will be extremely pleased at the smiles of delight as your Daisies, Brownies and older Girl Scouts receive their special patch presentations.

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